Middle East Politics

Welcome to the Middle East Politics Simulation at the City College of New York

Background Information

Turmezistan is a made-up country. Declared independence from colonial powers in 1946. The colonial powers installed a Sultan, but the military overthrew the new dynasty in 1953. In 1961, a 31-year-old popular general organized a putsch and restructured the military and governance of the country. He started to rule as Supreme Leader since 1970 and centralized power around himself. After his passing in 2010, his son, the current Supreme Leader, and continued a relatively peaceful rule.

Overall population is 75 million. The country is majority Muslim and mostly Sunni. There is a 7% Christian minority. GDP per capita is $8.000. Supreme Leader’s father was long allied with the West, and the same pattern seems to continue with his son, the new Supreme Leader. The country mostly trades with the EU and other Middle Eastern countries. But a quarter of GDP, and half the government budget, comes from oil production.